The International Churches of Christ (ICOC) Ministry Training Academy (MTA) board met on August 7-8, 2012 and March 29, 2013 to discuss plans for developing ICOC MTA guidelines for academies that will train future evangelists and women ministry leaders in our family of churches.  While ministry leaders will develop training academies for their respective regions, this basic unified curriculum ensures consistent, effective training for future evangelists and women’s ministry leaders throughout the world.

What is the function of the ICOC MTA board? The ICOC MTA board has three goals: 

  1. To promote standards of excellence and provide curriculum resources for the MTAs. 
  2. To help the MTAs successfully implement the curriculum. 
  3. To issue approved certificates upon the completion of the program. 

The board decided upon the following mission statement for the Ministry Training Academy: 

To train, equip, and inspire future evangelists and women ministry leaders with biblical knowledge, spiritual development, and leadership skills for effective ministry in the local church. 

In order to fulfill this mission, we have developed a 12-course program in three areas of study: Biblical Knowledge, Spiritual Development, and Ministry Leadership. 

Each course in the program will require at least 12 hours of classroom study, as well as outside reading, and the completion of a paper, test, or project. If an academy wants to go beyond these minimum required goals, it may do so. For example, an academy may decide to add material to fit their cultural context.  However, each academy must meet the minimum required goals in order to graduate students from their program. 

In the area of course development, the MTA board will select men and women instructors with expertise in the specific area of study to develop each course.

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