Biblical Interpretation Application

This class will continue the study of biblical hermeneutics by applying the principles of hermeneutics to the Pastoral Epistles (1 & 2 Timothy and Titus) with a particular focus on the book of Titus. The aim of this course will be to demonstrate how to apply the principles learned in Biblical Interpretation by an interactive exegetical study of the Pastoral Epistles focused primarily on the book of Titus. This study will seek to demonstrate how to draw out the original meaning of the text by due regard to its historical and literary context, and thereafter will consider its contemporary application.


The Syllabus for the Biblical Interpretation Application course is available as a PDF download.

Learning Outcomes and Objectives

This course has the following objectives for students:

  1. To review the principles of biblical hermeneutics.
  2. To apply those principles to a study of the Pastoral Epistles.
  3. To learn practical lessons from the Pastoral Epistles that can be applied to ministry.
  4. To explore sections of the Pastorals that are more difficult to exegete.
  5. To demonstrate this evaluation and communicate fluently in a final paper, scoring at least a "B" (80%) for the entirety of the course.

Available Versions

Biblical Interpretation Application is available in the following versions. Click here for a description of the versions.

  • Full Student
  • Audit Student